Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp Review, your winter sports with this cute animals!

This game is very good and fairly entertaining for the young and young at heart. The game is set for winter games where your cute animals get to participate in the winter sports and will allow you to achieve some items and possibly trade it.

In exchange of the collected items, what you will get are a new shiny-shimmering character gears and clothing. You can also acquire a lot of other items and equipment that you can use for the gameplay.

This event with your Pocket Camp is just time limited. It's a special event that would allow you to collect and gather collectibles. There's nothing to worry though even if the event is time limited because it's very easy to play the game. Just with enough time and focus, for sure you will be able to collect all the items in no time. Just be reminded that this event for Pocket Camp will only last until the end of this month.

Pocket Camp, as the name suggest is actually a game developed by Nintendo where you get to build your camp and socialized with other players. They made it a little cute by going with lovely animals for the avatar.

This game is definitely recommended for kids, where they can play and be friends with other players.

The game itself doesn't really require too much effort in winning. All you need is a spare time to enjoy the game.

If your interested about playing this game, then go get the app from the Play Store.


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