A Pokemon fan? Nexomon is being developed for the fans.

Nexomon is a version of Pokemon which is currenty being developed and tested by the game programmers. News has it that they will be releasing some time soon. The game developers already provided an initial announcement from their facebook page, but an actual date is not revealed yet.

Now what makes Nexomon great is that you get to play Pokemon - online. Yes, online with a lot of other players worldwide. Consider yourself playing an MMORPG. The catch is that you play the role of a Pokemon trainer, where you get to explore a vast world where you can possibly hunt other Pokemon or even duel other playing characters.

What's also better on this game version is the graphics. The developers are promising a better design and interface including the animation for the characters and surrounding.

As for the gameplay, just as it goes with the song, "I wanna be the very best.."(and I know that you're now singing it), your main conquest for this game is to collect monsters, train and evolve them to a much powerful type and eventually defeat other monsters.

In this game, you will get to collect 300 Pokemons in the total. You can evolve them and of course focus on the monsters that you will be using in defeating the "Nexomon King".

The game is expected to have a good number of players, knowing that it's already an enhanced version and new plots and twists with its gameplay.

The complete details about this game is not yet posted by the game developers but we will edit this post as soon as we get the news.


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