Disappointing Turn Out with SimCity Buildit


Simcity BuilditFinally a mobile version of the original Simcity is now available for iOS and Android with Simcity Buildit. So, obviously this is coming from EA, otherwise known as Electronic Arts. The good thing about this is that you can play it wherever you go as long as you have the online connectivity that it requires, and on top of that it is a Free-to-Play game. Now, when hearing the word F2P, then you might guess that it would be a game perhaps in the style of Farmville. And guess what? You might be right in making such assumption.

Taking a look at the game, you got this little hats and buildings. Do take note that Simcity Buildit is not your conventional city simulation game that we got to know from the franchise. It is more of a city management game. It is not a fun game neither, but it is considered to be a very entertaining, addicting, and a very frustrating game at times. And this game, as we have known from EA, clearly wants to milk money from its gamers as much as possible.

You basically needs to make use of your Simcity hack online as balance as possible that is to make your citizens happy while making money to upgrade and expand your city. The most common way of making money is by upgrading buildings, and with more money and upgraded buildings, you earn more, you can house more, and your city gets bigger eventually. Just like its bigger title on PC, you have to manage the city’s resources like power, water, minerals etc. As a management game, you have to listen to your citizen because that is one way of how you can do the right thing most of the time. If one complains about traffic, then you can build more roads. If others complain about crimes, then you can put up police station. And the list goes on.

Overall, as a long time fan of the Simcity series, I am not really that impressed with the SimCity Buildit game on mobile. It took away the very essence of the game, that is city simulation. This is not anymore that kind of game where you basically create a city and everything falls in your hands. There were so many features that were omitted. This may, however, be attractive to some gamers who love the idea of bringing a “sort of” Simcity game wherever they go. But as far as the standards go, EA should could have made a better game than this.


The Flame Wars Content for Boom Beach Game

Supercell and its game Boom Beach has newly released all new exciting contents. It is called “the Flame Wars”. Some bits and pieces of information are already available for the users to get acquainted to. Of course, most of you already know that there is a new unit available for use, that is the Scorcher – a flame thrower tank. On the side note, there are lots of contents that were added.

Flame Wars Update

Flame Wars Content Updates:

  • New Power Base Tactical Note system available for use in Task Forces
  • Reveal information about enemy raiders statues – something useful if you are planning to take revenge
  • New available Power Base layouts that you can try and tweak
  • Wildlife are now available for your island
  • Addition of female villagers

Game Improvements and Balancing

  • Faster and farther throws for Grenadier
  • Pausing of statue boost temporarily when the game is having a maintenance
  • Double damage by Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Boom Mines to tanks are nerfed instead it deals double damage overall
  • Tanks have less health but deals more damage and train faster
  • Sabotage price reduced

Player Feedback Changes

  • Improved landing craft colors
  • Officers can only kick members every 20 minutes

With the above updates, it is much more interesting how the gameplay will be affected. We all know that this game involves strategy which makes also depends on how units are made for the game. With the changes mentioned, it is pretty obvious that tactics will be affected. What may have worked before will not work anymore today. Positive or negative, it is for the players to find out, adjust, and devise a plan.

Yes, Supercell has provided as with interesting contents over this few months as far as Boom Beach iOS hack tool is concern. Yet, the game can be very boring at times especially when it is too repetitive. Neverthless, it still good that this game has been constantly getting updates. Imagine the game is more than 1 year old but still player base are constantly increasing. Who knows on the near future, Boom Beach will be given the title as Clash of Clans’ sucessor. With the game’s status right now, this is not  a surprising move for other the company, after all, you can just play the game and perhaps litsen to music f choide.

Kombucha – The Truth behind the Craze


Healing each other is in our DNA, it seems. As far back as we have historical record, we have mixed up elixirs and potions for every ailment. In the Odyssey, Helen is given nepenthe’s pharmakon — which was probably opium — to heal her mind. Coca-cola was marketed as a cure for a hangover, of course it had cocaine in it, so it probably worked. The modern version of this attempt to provide healing might be word of mouth cure-alls, like kombucha. Kombucha tea has been popular with holistic health proponents for decades; likely branching from centuries-old Asian medicine.

If you’ve never seen it before, modern kombucha “tea” comes from a strange looking container of brownish liquid with a blob floating in it. It looks like something H.R. Geiger would invent for a kids movie. And if you’re thinking “dear god what is that thing?” It’s a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast floating in a brew of regular old tea and sugar. The yeast eat the sugars, just like they do in beer-making, and create alcohol and CO2, then ethanol is eaten by the bacteria and turned into acetic acid. The final result is a vinegary, acidic, slightly alcoholic, vaguely effervescent brew. In fact, if you leave it in there long enough, it will become alcohol and even longer and it becomes vinegar — which if drunk like a beverage can erode tooth enamel and cause digestive problems and ulcers.


A 90s Newsweek piece said it allegedly “turns grey hair black, clears up bad skin, boosts T-cell count, and induces spiritual well-being and clears up cellulite.” Manufacturers claim it can improve “liver, gall bladder and digestive function and enhance the body’s normal toxin elimination process” The thing is, there’s no actual medical evidence whatsoever that kombucha does these things. And believe me, science is looking. One of the major manufacturers was sued for claiming health benefits and concealing health risks. I found dozens of studies looking at what is growing in that strange jar; and they found yeast and bacteria, depending on the source and geographic location, the species of the microbes would vary; and that depending on the brew, the pH level — or acidity, could vary too.

A compilation study in the Journal of Environmental Health for the FDA laid out all the current knowledge and found kombucha isn’t harmful, as long as you’re already healthy; but that you should never drink more than 4 ounces per day, according to the CDC. The real problem is the tendency for kombucha drinkers to make it themselves. Similar to home brewing of any fermented beverage, this can expose the drinkers to dangerous levels of mold, bacteria and fungi, which naturally live in our environment, but can be dangerous when allowed to culture for days at a time — which is how kombucha works. There are NO proven scientific benefits to drinking kombucha at all, even after decades of searching. It doesn’t seem like it would hurt you if you bought it at a store, but it’s not going to help you much either… Home brewing, on the other hand, is risky. If ceramic pots are used, lead poisoning could result, if non-sterile conditions are used, contamination could cause severe illness.